The Universal Temple of Spiritual Truth

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...

Rev. Blanche Lightfoot - Memoria In Aeterna

 Sheltering them as their spiritual mother, Mrs. Blanche Lightfoot hovered over her young flock and comforted them when it seemed impossible to find a place suitable to be called the house of God. Through it all, we were sustained by the grace of God and were continually grateful for our leader, teaching us to grasp beyond our reach-for it gave us the courage to do beyond our physical strength.

In the month of fasting and praying the Lord answered our prayers and in November we were leased a place at 307 West 145th Street and with the gentle guiding hands of our Pastor began beautifying our new edifice.

With the toiling of many hands, the vision of our spirit-led Pastor, Rev. Dennis Coefield, and the constant prayers of the righteous we began to see God in all of His splendor as our Temple took on the true moral standards as youth began to swing into step with God. Realizing that Christ should be consulted when begin­ning anything because the only true victory comes through Jesus Christ, we lifted our voices as trumpets as our first service was held on a glorious first Sunday in December of 1973 commencing with our shepherd serving his sheep Holy Communion. We shall never forget the soul stirring sermon delivered that won­derful day as we made our debut to the world. His text: "The Lord has brought us." The Prince Zion Ensemble changed their name and became the Voices of Universal and sang "How I Got Over." The challenge was just beginning.

Our love was genuine and the membership grew by leaps and bounds. God's grace has been sufficient to sustain us through many dangers, toils and snares. We will forever be humble and thankful to God for his mercies extended toward us, and indeed proud of our pastor who has also continued his growth in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Without his fatherhood image our lives would have no spiritual insight or foresight. He is the personal calling card of God to our hearts and souls. His life is an unmerited gift of God to us. He has showed us that "mind over matter" really works. Building a Divine Temple for kingdom assurance he has also earned his doctorate degree while giving constantly and sacrificing of himself. By and through his leadership we have seen the word of God as a power and mission of communication become a bulwark of defense for what we believe and teach that man can be what he wills his divine mind to be by choosing this day whom he shall serve.

With much happiness in our hearts we have striven to perfect the new thrust in witnessing on new frontiers for Jesus and His cause. Projecting Christ as a non­-limited universal being we put our thoughts into motion thereby creating action in asking the Lord Jesus Christ for a permanent residence. Within one year and six months our congregation is now located at 111 West 136th Street, New York City.

We are proud of progress. Many accomplishments have been made and with our Pastor's contact our entire congregation toured six Southern states carrying our brand new electro sonic organ. The Voices of Universal now number 22 and rated one of the finest singing choirs in the world. Just by having faith in Christ, in our living and in our teaching and offering to all mankind, regardless of race, creed or color or natural origin, Jesus Christ the Savior, Jesus Christ as the only remedy for sin is this world's only hope to now overcome the challenge of pseudo religion.

"Believing is Receiving."