The Universal Temple of Spiritual Truth

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...

Rev. Dr. Dennis H. Coefield - Memoria In Aeterna

A person's taste for art is recognized primarily not by the beautiful paintings which adorn the walls of one's residence, but by the artistic beauty adorning the gallery of the mind. The estimation of musical culture rests not upon the operas patronized but upon the soul symphonies in the mental concert hall and by the impulses these motivate to activity and productivity.

 The Rev. Dr. Dennis H. Coefield has proved the Lord Jesus from birth. Born of a spiritual heritage that has been dispatched to him from his devout parents, he was gifted with a divine administration in music at the age of three. Lifting the hearts of many in the light of prayerful gesture as providentially guided he led the gospel choir of the Faith Tabernacle Church and amazed congregations as the youngest pianist in the Eastern district of North Carolina. Always zealous to acquire knowledge he traveled extensively while receiving his education. Always a humble and obedient child, he received Christ and was baptized at the age of fourteen and thereby began a beautiful life of religious prosperity. His grandmother, the late renowned Gertrude Brown Daugherty called to the attention of his mother, Lula B. Coefield a peculiarity concerning him and soon discovered the seriousness of his character. His humility disclosed the caliber of the servant of God in revealing events which would become realities. He was anointed of God to bring peace to the confused, joy to the downhearted and hope to the despondent.

 Graduating from high school he asked and received permission from his parents to work one year in Atlantic City, New Jersey before entering the college of his choice, Columbia University, New York City. Many happy events have happened in the life of this wonderful chosen one. Dr. Coefield has been the recipient of many honors and awards. Among them is the Omega Award, the Citizens Com­mittee Civic Grant, Crown Prince for Humanitarian Services of the Providence Diocese Conference, Who's Who Award, and Board of Education Plaque.

 In 1960 he received his license to evangelize. Being the organist of the First Church of Divine Science, Dr. Coefield continued his studies and kept a vigil eye on his goal. In 1964 he was ordained in Boston, Mass. in the St. James United Spiritual Church by Bishop J. J. Johnson. Moving to Tampa, Fla. he became Youth Dean of the Southern Christian Interdenominational Conference and as a leader of youth he has been instrumental in paving the way for many young people to release their religious emotions laid to the divine call for kingdom building.

 Returning to New York City he matriculated at Metropolitan Theological Seminary, graduating with honors. He prepared himself for leadership and reunited himself with his godmother, Mrs. Maggie Cleveland at the Greater Zion Hill Baptist Church with Rev. W. J. Moragne, pastor. Many became the recipients of his gracious consideration and sacrificial contributions. While there he organized the Youths in Zion Celestial Choir and gained their esteem and respect. Teaching religious education, he demonstrated his ability to keep his hand on the gospel plow in the breaking up of the fallow ground because he strives primarily for the promotion of the Kingdom of God.

 In 1973 Dr. Dennis H. Coefield founded the Universal Temple of Spiritual Truth at 307 West 145th Street, New York City. Having a congregation of dedi­cated members, he has piloted it to its present heights of achievement. He received his Doctorate in Music from Cuyahuga College, Cleveland, Ohio and received his Doctor of Divinity Degree in June of 1975 in Bangor, Maine. He served on the board of trustees of World Wide Religious Education Foundation. Member of the N.A.A.C.P. and Secretary of Community Relations Board of New York City.

 Truly an anointed man of God we are proud of this consecrated body and blessed indeed to have a young leader of this caliber.

 "Thou Prince of Life, thy chosen cannot die.

             Like thee, they conquer in the strife, to reign with thee on high."