The Universal Temple of Spiritual Truth

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...

Bishop James G. Bryant, Sr., D.D.-  Senior Pastor

Bishop James G. Bryant was born no stranger to the Gospel of Christ. His service was rendered at Trinity Baptist Church, of the Bronx, for several years where he was initially baptized in March of 1975.  James completed High School and moved away to attend college at the State University of Albany.  College proved his character and ability to adapt to life’s ever-changing circumstances. 

 As a full member, James expressed the desire to serve as an Acolyte to Dr. Coefield.  Dr. Coefield’s response allowed him to kindle a relationship with his late God-Mother Eloise Powell.  His words were ‘he will leave me in her care until he comes back for me’. There James received the nurturing and initial development required to serve in the appointed position.  He sang in the Choir until May of 1986 where he was baptized a second time with water and of Spirit, exposing his inlayed gifts. 

 Under the care and tutelage of Dr. Coefield, James was elevated to Acolyte.  Later in 1989 many stages of maturity he was elevated again to Sr. Acolyte.  During this time James had no idea what was happening but God knew.  August 18, 1991, James preached his trial sermon, “How I Got Over” and was anointed Apostle at his Father’s hand.

 During his transition the Lord really began to use him to His purpose.  Lover of music and fine arts, Dr. Coefield yet unfolded another gift inside James when he gave him a saxophone and told him to play it.  “Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord...” became even more real as “Blessed Assurance” became the first anointed song played without lesson on the horn.  With this the Lord carried James to the next level of Reverend in 1992, where he continually grew spiritually and mentally.  

 Throughout the years, the relationship with Dr. Coefield became stronger and the knowledge shared was unsurpassed, but the work was not finished.  Many of those that started the race had not endured to this point but there again, James stood.  Through speaking sermonically and in life’s truths he began to leave a message of what was to come.  Not wanting to accept the truth many continued to live unaware but the plan had already been set in motion.   Finally in August of 1998, Dr. Coefield, left this existence we know as earth to inhabit a realm he was very familiar with, Spirit.  With this transition the Mantle was passed and the charge of Pastorship unfolded.  ‘You will understand it better by and by’ became a testimony for James, realizing the challenge was just beginning as he began the predestined journey of walking in his fathers shoes.  Serving diligently and pressing willingly, James forged ahead in the interim as supply Pastor, until his formal installation, on September 30, 2000 as the Senior Pastor of The Universal Temple of Spiritual Truth.  Again revelation was unfolded as he reheard the name “Joshua”, as his father reverently called him.

 On September 30, 2000, James made history in the State of New York.  His installation service UNITED the aggregation of Spiritual Churches.  At that time he also made another mark in history by not only being installed as Pastor; but he was joined in Holy Matrimony to the lovely Elect Lady, Robyn Howell.  “Yes” he made (2) sacred vows in (1) day…

 In September of 2001 he was the recipient of a citation bestowed by the City of New York for his dedication and service to the Church.  In only (2) years, Pastor Bryant has set new standards and made new trails.  As of June 2005, Pastor Bryant is an active participant and graduate of the United Chaplain Worldwide Outreach, Inc., and is the Youth Director for the New York Chapter and Assistant State Director to the New York Chapter.  Additionally he is the President of the Youth Department (New York District-Bishop James A. Johnson), and Dean of Christian Education since 2013 and Instructor for the Ministers Department within The Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ, Inc. International Congress since 2006. In July 2009, in Kansas City, Missouri the elevation and consecration to the Office of Bishop unfolded.  What uniqueness and what completeness he has obtained with all of the spiritual equipment and professional tools; we understand how he successfully maintains such a large and challenging task. In September 2013 Bishop was awarded an honorary Doctorate Degree from Virginia University of Lynchburg.

 With toiling of many hands and the constant prayers of the righteous we continue to see God in all His splendor as the Temple continues in the service of the Lord.  By and through Dr. Coefield’s teaching and God’s leadership we have seen the word of God as a power and mission of communication become a bulwark of defense for what we believe and teach; that man can be what he wills his divine mind to be by choosing this day whom he shall serve…

“Guide me O’ Thou great Jehovah”

                  “You can make it if you try"

                                 “Believing is Receiving”

                                            “Think Big, Act Big, Eventually you’ll grow Big...”